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PRC Commercial Real Estate Loans offers small business owners the ability to obtain high leverage loans that allow them to own rather than rent. A loan for commercial real estate may provide as much as 100% financing for certain medical facilities, but more typically 80% to 85% financing. This reduces the amount of equity required to purchase or construct a new commercial building.

At PRC Commercial Real Estate Loans, we make the process easy for small business owners seeking to purchase, refinance, construct or renovate their facility. As a direct correspondent lender, we have discretionary control over pricing, terms and conditions. This allows us to respond fast to loan requests, and offer many terms and rates your bank can’t offer. Our clients can have confidence in our ability to close quickly on qualified transactions. Because we’re not a bank, clients do not have to worry about moving cash accounts or deposits.

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At PRC Commercial Real Estate Loans, we provide loans designed to address any commercial real estate need for small business owners. These loans can range from conventional financing, loans secured by a small business administration guarantee, or a USDA loans and or guarantees.

PRC commercial real estate loans are used to purchase, refinance or construct commercial real estate property. Typical loan sizes can range from $2MM to $25MM.

When small business owners purchase commercial real estate, they accelerate the value of their business resulting from the equity building up in the real estate. The increase of equity happens in two ways, (1) by paying down the debt the cash equity in the real estate increases and (2) the value of the real estate also increases over time. Small business owners can leverage the value of the real estate to generate working capital for future expansion or growth capital.

Small business owners who rent their building do not benefit from the ability that appreciating real estate assets provides. Instead, they build value for the landlord and are exposed to inflating rental rates that over time may have a negative effect on their business operations.

To qualify for a small business real estate loan, the borrower or borrowers must have a credit score of at least 650 and solid personal balance sheet demonstrating additional income sources to repay the loan. Additionally, the business intended to occupy the property must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan from business operations.

The typical documents needed to underwrite a commercial real estate loan request include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Application
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Most recent 3-years personal and business tax returns
  • Resume on the Applicant and a Summary of business operations
  • Year to Date Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for the business
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